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We always like to hear from people, and not necessarily just the good stuff. Sure, we want to know what you like about our teas, but we also really want to know what you don’t, as it’s the only way we can improve and get better. Please fill in the quick form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

為了不斷提升我們的產品及服務水平,   我們很樂意聽你們的意見,無論好與懷。我們想知道你為什麼喜歡我們的茶,更想知道你為什麼不喜歡。請把意見填寫於下列表格,我們會儘快回覆。 

want to be a teapigs stockist? please visit our trade page.

想成為我們"茶豬豬"的零售商? 請到我們的貿易頁。

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    We like to chat but, as a rule, emails get faster responses. For online customers, please send your query to, and for trade customers please email

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    To Speak to a teapig directly,



    Call Simon for English:
    +852 6802 7971

    广东话請聯絡 Suki (何小姐)
    +852 3591 1044

    普通话請聯絡 Ocean (吴海媚)
    +86 755 8655 1550

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    If you prefer to get in touch via good, old-fashioned snail mail, our address is: 

    Favor Industrial Centre
    2-6 Kin Hong Street
    Kwai Chung, 
    Hong Kong