teapigs eco mug

teapigs eco mug

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Louise the tea taster says

No more environmentally-unfriendly disposable cups! Introducing the teapigs eco mug - a double-walled ceramic cup with a silicone lid which keeps your tea nice and hot, whilst also protecting delicate hands. It can be used time and time again - the perfect partner for any tea or coffee (boo!) drinker who, like us, wants to do their bit for the planet. This mug will keep your tea hot for ages whilst you work at your desk (great for sitting in front of the telly too) and the lid makes the journey from the kettle to the chair spill free.


product specifications

  • ceramic
  • height 14cm
  • top diameter 9cm, bottom diameter 6cm
  • cup dishwasher safe, lid hand wash only

How does it taste?

eco eco and eco!

Good if you're feeling

a superman who is saving the world!

What is in it?

Nutritional content [per 100ml]

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