red tea cheeky

red tea cheeky

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Louise the tea taster says

teapigs rooibos teas, all three of them! Our rooibos teas are naturally caffeine free - honeybush and rooibos is our plan, everyday version. Also included is rooibos crème caremel for a bit of sweetness and our spiced winter red tea for some cinnamoney spice.

  • honeybush and rooibos - 15 tea temples

a nutrient-rich blend of honeybush and rooibos from South Africa. Can be drunk with or without milk.

  • rooibos crème caramel - 15 tea temples
South African rooibos tea with chunks of caramel that give it a touch of sweetness - skinny dessert
  • spiced winter red tea - 15 tea temples
Christmas in a cup! Rooibos tea with organge peel, cloves and cinnamon.

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