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  1. peppermint tea

    peppermint tea

    As with our other teas, we insist that our herbal ones always use the whole leaf or flower. We think the leaf should be worshipped, not crushed. Because we use whole peppermint leaves, you’ll find the flavour of this blend much stronger and fresher than regular dusty paper teabags. Peppermint is great for soothing sore tummies and helping us to keep a healthy digestive systems. Learn More
  2. pure lemongrass tea

    pure lemongrass tea

    As well as being a delicious ingredient in cooking, lemongrass is drunk all over Asia to help digestions and kill off any tummy nasties. It looks like little sticks but boy does it taste good - pure, delicate and completely refreshing. It’s great iced too! Learn More
  3. fennel & liquorice

    fennel & liquorice

    fennel & liquorice Learn More

3 item(s)